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Mission Statement

The Clarinda Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer-led, member-supported, non-profit corporation working to strengthen the overall community and economic vitality of the Clarinda area.

     Specifically, the Chamber devotes time and money to efforts that:
Promote the image of the community and improve the quality of life;
     Recruit and retain new and existing businesses;
     Encourage the growth of tourism for the area, and
     Support educational opportunities.

Chamber Dues

The Base Membership Rate for 2023 is $275.00.
This includes two full-time employees and additional employees will be calculated into the annual membership fee.

There are four business categories. Please select the category which best applies to your business.

1. Business/Organizations:
Base rate of $275.00 plus total number of full-time and part-time employees.
(Retail, Service, Restaurant, Non Profit)

2. Licensed Professionals:
Base rate of $275.00 (covers one licensed professional) plus $100.00 for each additional licensed professional, and $23.00 for each non-licensed employee.
(Lawyers, Doctors, Insurance Agents)

3. Financial Institutions:
Base rate of $275.00 plus $77.00 per (1) million dollars in deposits or fraction thereof.

4. Utility Companies:
Base rate of $275.00 plus 87¢ per unit serviced (Hook-up).

Additional Opportunities

Associate Membership
We encourage community members who are not owners or official representatives of a business to become supporters in our efforts at a reduced rate. Associate memberships are $50.00 per year.

Community & Retail Promotions
The goal of the Community & Retail Promotions committee is to promote Clarinda businesses through community events, retail promotions and marketing opportunities. There is an additional fee of $100.00 per year.

To join the Clarinda Chamber of Commerce, please click on the links below, fill them out and send them back with your dues to : 115 East Main Street, Clarinda, IA 51632.

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